Heated water bath BW-S is designed for a precise and safety heating of bags and bottles with blood, blood derivatives, infusion and other solutions, depending on the needs of particular departments.

In the main part of the device - stainless steel vessel - there is a carrier for heated bags or bottles. Water filling of the device is heated to required temperature.
Electronic proportional controller with continuous autodiagnostics monitors the operating parameters of the device. Built-in pump provides water circulation and thus a uniform temperature in the whole area of the bath. Three independent measuring circuits monitor and, if necessary, regulate the set parameters. If a deviation from the set parameters is detected, the device will report the fail state by optical or acoustic signal and it will switch off the heating element. Therefore the heated solutions cannot be damaged, e.g. due to a high temperature of the water bath.


Technical data:

Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz
Input power: max 400W
Regulation type: proportional
Set temperature: 37,5 °C
Number of bags/bottles: 4 / 6
Water filling volume: max. 5 l