THERMO LOGGER  (actual version 1.0)

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  • system for accurate measuring and recording of temperatures
  • the software is optimized to be used for heating and pasteurization of breast milk
  • easy installation, simple operation, intuitive control
  • the system enables one- or two-channel temperature measurement
  • high precision platinum sensors
  • measurement accuracy: ±0.05 °C over the entire measuring range
  • automatic calibration
  • the software can be adapted specifically to each workplace
  • the result of the measurement is a data file and an output protocol that can be printed or exported to pdf format.
  • the protocol contains positive identification of the pasteurized milk, date, time and temperatures used for the pasteurization
  • possibility to search in a database of past measurements based on a number of parameters
  • the measured values cannot be edited, only identification data can be edited before the beginning of the measurement
  • system requirements: MS Windows XP or higher

Working modes:

  • Manual start of measuring
  • Measuring starts after a particular temperature is achieved
  • Manual mode, continual measurement
  • Setting up of measurement duration (timer)