Our company has succeeded with numerous quality products on the Czech and foreign neonatology and paediatry markets.
We continually promote the idea that the personnel should primarily take care of the patient and not the devices. Devices should be simple, reliable and functional, with long service life.
One of the key products of the company is the Heated bed for newborns and infants LN91 (open incubator). Thanks to its simple design and, at the same time, substantial variability, it is suitable for example for the first treatment of newborns in delivery rooms; when complemented with optional accessories the device may be used also in intensive and resuscitation care units etc.
We also manufacture and deliver MINI mobile beds for newborns in labour wards and ROOMING-IN units. The bed has been designed to support contact between mother and child from the very first day after the birth.
Our efforts to innovate the production program resulted in a unique series of highly efficient HI Power LED phototherapeutic devices. In comparison with earlier types, the FL phototherapeutic devices are highly efficient in the therapeutic process, they have long service life and minimum consumption of electricity. The devices significantly reduce treatment time of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns and thus significantly reduce operating costs of healthcare facilities.
The range of products we sell includes the professional ultrasonic HIRTZ inhalators and humidifiers, and the electronic scales for newborns and infants made by SOEHNLE.
Currently, we are preparing more new products for the above-mentioned fields of medicine and we believe that they will contribute to the quality of healthcare.