The compact unit of the HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 meets the high requirements of a diversely qualified device with a design and operation which is quite accessible for those not familiar with the technology. A pleasant alternative for patients in local anesthesia.
The HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 works with a max. frequency of 1.7 MHz and a HF output capacity of approx. 32 W. The electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy through the piezo-ceramic transducer. The resulting vibrations reduce the liquid to the smallest particles of 0.5 to 6 µm in the nebulizing chamber. The transducer requires approx. 15 sec. after the unit starts for automatic calibration.
By automatic calibration of the transducer and a largevolume nebulizing chamber it is possible to nebulize over 500 ml liquid in succession without additional containers. This corresponds to 3-4 hours nebulization without refilling system or up to 8 hours with reduced intensity. An electronic dry run protection device replaces a float switch subject to failure.
An optimal hose guide makes it possible to guide the ventilation hose under the housing. Only the aerosol hose on the device is visible. The nebulizing chamber is surrounded by a gutter for the drainage of dripping water. A coarce air and a bacteria filter (with CE mark) ensure germ-free mist to guaranty the highest possible hygiene safety.
The aerosol liquid can also be heated with a heating system built into the aerosol hose (as accessory). A heater wire covered with a plastic insulation is embedded into the aerosol hose. The heater only functions when the hose connector has been plugged into the corresponding standard jack on the device and only when the machine is nebulizing, i.e. in function.

img-ultrasonat2 ultrasonat 810



The HICO ULTRASONAT 810 is used in the clinical and health care treatment in:

  • surgery, pre- and post-operative to prevent infections (pneumonia);
  • intensive care, inhaled air humidification;
  • internal medicine – specific and non-specific pulmonary diseases, pneumonias, asthma-bronchial bronchiectasis, acute, chronic and super-infected bronchitis;
  • paediatrics – mucoviscidosis, pseudocroup, pneumonias, bronchitis;
  • ear, nose, throat – inhaled air humidification (tracheotomy), laryngitis;
  • balneology – due to a refined dosage, improved application and efficiency in a classic indication.

in diagnostic applications:

  • Pulmonology – irritant aerosol application


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