Applications: Standard care for new-born children including basic care in the labour room, body temperature stabilizing of hypothermical new-borns,


hyperbilirubinemia phototherapy treatment of new-borns, giving infusions and carrying out exanquinations, nursing pathological new-borns with controlled ventilation at the Intensive Care Units, Pre and Post surgery intensive care at infant and neonatological centers, executing surgery interventions at the Intensive Care Units and infant chirurgical centers.


The basic arrangement of all modifications contains:

    • Electronic proportional servoregulator, 2 temperature probes.
    • Mobile central stand with electric distributions.
    • Treatment bed with detachable plastic side-shields and adjusting to an uphold and drainage (Trendelenburgh) position (+/- 20°). Washable matress without heating.
    • Upper module with a heating body and built-in illuminatin and/or phototherapy according to the modification. The module is 90° revolvable.
    • Three hight-adjustable shelves placed above the treatment bed and one fixed shelf under the bed
    • Infusion glass or bag holder and a 2-liter oxygen bomb holder.
    • The basic arrangement is fully functioning and is ready for adding to the equipment.


Equipment choices::

    • Phototherapy with blue LED technology, irradiance level 50µW/cm2/nm, estimated life min. 30 000 hours
    • Matress with heating RD-95.
    • Central oxygen distribution with 2 outputs on the shelf under the treatment bed.
    • Time module - medical watch with the Apgar signalization.
    • Moulding fastening system - 2 mouldings.
    • Two drawers under the bed
    • Oxygen suction pump: a) without underpressure system b) with underpressure system.
    • Heated nebulizer OH-95.
    • Point hallogen reflector.
    • Oxygen flowmeter.
    • Oxygen microtent 500 mm (Polycarbonate).installation.
    • Treatment bed with measures: 65x80 cm
    • O2 cylinder holder
    • Heater IT-94 for infusion solution / or blood derivate tempering
    • Hight adjusting of treatment  bed and heating module in the range of 40 cm - variant ECMO
    • Integrated X-Ray Tray under the bed
    • Neopuff™ Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

Technical data:


Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz
Display: LED
Temperature setting for auto mode: 33°-38°C
Temprature alarm: 39,0°C
Temperature display range: 20°- 45°C
Spot lighting: 20W / 12V
Area lighting: 50W / 12V
Max. power input: 1000 W
Dimension H x W x L: 1900 x 700 x 1050 mm
Heating power output: 600 W
Weight: cca 95 kg