Pediatric bed PL - N can be used at pediatric rooms of any hospital ward. Inner space of the bed is
1700 x 650 mm. The bed is easy to move due to four revolving wheels equipped with breaks.

The upper 4 segment part of the bed can be inclined to the both of Trendelenburgs positions. Electric powered inclining is equipped with a remote cable control. Both side and front walls of the bed can be hinged down easily. Front and rear walls can be made either of laminated fabric (light oak surface) or of metal rods (like the side walls). There are several grips round the mattress that enable fixation of the patient. The bed can be equipped either with a non-heated mattress coated with leatherette or with a heating mattress equipped with automatic temperature regulation type RD-95.

PL-N new

Technical data:

Positioning: 2 el. motors 
Dimensions: 1700 x 650 x 700 mm other dimensions by agreement 
Sides: tilting 2 longitudinal 1 at patient's head 
Bed area: 4 segments, 3 manually positioned
Colour make: by agreement 
Weight: according to version 65 kg