FL-2010 is the next generation of high intensive phototherapy, it is designed using advanced LED technology. Compact LED modules are used as the irradiance sources. They are equipped with special optics, which increase the intensity of irradiance, providing estimated life up to 60,000 hours without replacement of the LED modules. The irradiance does not affect the temperature of the patient.

The device is controlled by a microprocessor and touch screen LCD display. For maximum patient safety the device is supplied with a monitor of the patient temperature. When the temperature exceeds the threshold of 38,5 °C, the acoustic signal is switched on. In 1 minute, if the problem with high temperature is not solved by staff, the device turns off automatically.
The device is also equipped with a timer, which gives the possiblity to set the duration of therapy. After the specified period, the device turns off automatically and informs staff with the acoustic signal. Lamp can working in two modes: continuous and intermitent mode. White light mode allows observation of patient skin colour.

Built-in counter of worked hours informs staff about the upcoming service control of the device.
The lamp is available in one versions: as a mobile stand with the vertically and horizontally adjustable lighting head.



Technical data:


Irradiance source: high-power LED modules
Wavelength: 450 - 470 nm
Irradiance level: more than 50 μW/cm2/nm, distance 50 cm
Estimated life: minimum 60 000 hours
Operative high: 40 – 90 cm from bed
Illuminated area: 600 x 300 mm
Timer: yes - from 10 minutes to 24 hours
Temperature monitor: yes – skin sensor - accuracy ± 0,1 °C
Signal: yes - when the temperature exceeds 38,5 °C
Height setting: mobile stand, 125 - 175 cm
Working heights of the device: 45 - 90 cm from the bed surface
Supply voltage: 110 - 230 VAC 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: maximum 80 W
Device class: II A
Dimensions of lamp: 520 x 185 x 100 mm
Weight of the device without the stand: 5,2 kg