Mechanical splint of rehabilitation RMD-95 is designed for lower limbs rehabilitation, that follows after injury or operation ( operation of knee joint, joint of the hip, etc. )

The movable part of the device can be very easy adjusted in accordance with the size of a leg. This device can do exercise with the leg at a bright scale of adjustable angles. A speed of the motion is variable, too.
Well - aranged control panel gives a bright information on set up parameters as well as on a current position at any moment.
For the event of a malfunction, autodiagnostic breaks the electric drive and gives a report on a screen.
A patient also has a possibility to START / STOP the motion by means of double push button switch.
Patient remote controll and undercarriage is included.


rmd95 RMD-95


Technical data:

Working range:

      • knee joint: extension/flection - speed: 0°-110° - 30°-120°/min
      • hip joint: extension/flection 10°-80°

Power supply: 220-230V / 50Hz

Input power: 45 W

Controls: digital

Motion speed regulation: 8 degrees

Weight: 12 kg